Tech Specs

IntelliScanner mini organizes everything in your home using barcode technology. Just scan the barcode for detailed product information. IntelliScanner mini is portable and smaller than a keyless car remote, so you scan anywhere -- put it in your pocket or around your neck and start organizing! This smart scanner works just like a digital camera. Simply scan a barcode, then plug it in to your computer's USB port to automatically track your home assets and valuables such as books, groceries, wine, comics, DVDs, CDs, and other home assets.

What comes in the box
  • IntelliScanner mini 250 ultra-portable USB barcode reader
  • Home Software Package
      Organize everything with our intelligent home organization software

    • Media
      Organize books, CDs, DVDs, games
    • Assets
      Home assets, furniture, collectibles
    • Wine
      Track wine bottles, locations, and maturity
    • Kitchen
      Organize groceries, shopping lists
    • Comics
      Organize comic book series and issues
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB cable
  • One (1) year limited warranty
  • Accessories
    • Neck lanyard with detachable clip
    • Pre-Printed Asset Tags - starter pack of 10 for tracking items without barcodes
    • On-The-Go Card - for scanning multiple quantities at a time
    • USB cable

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 10
Mac OS X
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
USB port for downloading and recharging
Internet connection needed
Internet connection

Technical Specifications

  • Smart, portable barcode scanner organizes your home
  • Included home organization software package
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, so you can scan anywhere
  • Included neck lanyard with detachable clip
  • Integrated scan and delete buttons
  • Works just like a digital camera -- scan items anywhere, then plug it in via USB to download
  • Direct cable USB connectivity
  • Built-in memory chip stores the items you scan
  • Integrated Class 2 laser barcode scanning engine
  • RoHS compliant
  • USB 1.1/2.0 compatible

IntelliScanner mini's included software:

Assets 1.0

IntelliScanner kitchen software
  • Track important assets around your home -- know what you have, where it is, and its value
  • Create detailed insurance reports with pictures, values, insurance details, and more
  • Add an asset tag to assets to keep it in the system, just like a business or school
  • Inventory valuables with location and category tracking and statistics
  • Add photos from your digital camera or built-in webcam to document condition
  • Create an online report and view assets databases online at, included free with IntelliScanner mini

Media 3.0

IntelliScanner kitchen software
  • Organize books, CDs, DVDs, and games automatically
  • Scan the retail barcode to automatically fill in the details, even a picture of the cover
  • Create and print detailed reports for reference, insurance, and more
  • Lend media to friends, keep virtual bookmarks
  • Publish media collections with included Web 2.0 publishing and iPhone web app

Kitchen 1.0

IntelliScanner kitchen software
  • Track groceries and build shopping lists automatically
  • Just scan the barcode as you throw things away, then plug it in to print your weekly list
  • Powered by a database of over 300,000 groceries (U.S.) for automatic identification
  • Track quantities, consumption history, even nutritional information

Wine 3.0

IntelliScanner kitchen software
  • Organize your wine automatically with barcode technology
  • AutoFill the details with a comprehensive database of over 67,000 bottles worldwide --┬ájust scan the barcode to organize your collection
  • Scan wine in and out from anywhere with IntelliScanner mini
  • Automatically calculates optimal drinking times
  • Virtual Cellar shows you where bottles are on your racks
  • Import old spreadsheets for an instant wine database

Comics 1.0

IntelliScanner kitchen software
  • Automatic comic book organization with a database of over 250,000 comics and thousands of high-resolution covers
  • Search for your comics with our free database of over 250,000 comics and thousands of high-resolution covers; the software also includes direct access to the Grand Comic Book Database for the latest user contributed info
  • Add new series and issues with a quick search and Comic Edition automatically fills in the details and artwork on your comics
  • Adding issues is as simple as checking off your issue numbers (or specify a range of issues) and Comic Edition will AutoFill information and artwork for the issues -- making it extremely fast to enter 100's of issues
  • Manages series and each issue
  • Comic Tags put a unique barcode on each comic -- "bag, board, barcode"
  • Support for web comics and RSS feeds, too
  • Read your favorite web comics with automatic updates daily
  • Share online with on PC, Mac, and iPhone

IntelliScanner mini scanning capabilities

IntelliScanner mini scans both standard retail barcodes worldwide and IntelliScanner Asset Tags (Code 39).

IntelliScanner mini is designed to organize your home, and is built to work with IntelliScanner's home organization software. It works with third-party software, too, using keyboard emulation, but that functionality is not customizable or officially supported.

If you need an IntelliScanner for business or for scanning into third-party software, check out IntelliScanner SOHO, the smart scanner for small business.

Safety & Product Notices

IntelliScanner mini utilizes a Class 2 laser and is not intended for use by young children. Do not stare into IntelliScanner mini's laser light. Please read all of IntelliScanner mini's included consumer safety and regulatory information before use. IntelliScanner mini has a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Like laptop batteries, lithium-ion batteries have a large but finite number of charge cycles.

IntelliScanner mini by IntelliScanner Corporation
The smart scanner that organizes your home