Features and Software
IntelliScanner mini is the smallest IntelliScanner ever -- about the size of a car keyless remote. Its tiny, pocket size, advanced laser technology, and sleek, black and chrome finish makes it the ultimate tool for organizing everything in your home.

Best of all, IntelliScanner mini is portable -- wear it around your neck, or put it in your pocket and start scanning anywhere. Organizing your stuff is just a quick scan and download away.

Our innovative scanner boasts a powerful laser scanning engine, integrated memory for storing your scans, and a direct USB connection for easy downloading. Just scan your items, plug it into your computer, and start getting organized.

With a built-in battery that charges off your computer when it's plugged in, you can scan items anywhere -- in your office, in the basement or at your favorite store -- then simply plug it in to sync and recharge.


Smart Organization
We've built IntelliScanner mini to be a really smart scanner. By scanning the barcode on your household items, IntelliScanner mini's included software will automatically track home assets and valuables, with special features to instantly identify your books, wine, comics, DVDs, groceries, and more. Just plug the scanner in to sync -- just like a digital camera -- and the software will download details like your book title, CD track or wine vineyard into a database. Organize, browse, even share online. Now that's smart.
IntelliScanner mini by IntelliScanner Corporation
The smart scanner that organizes your home