"To the art of wine collecting, the IntelliScanner Wine Collector adds a decidedly 21st-century twist."  
- New York Times, Technology/Circuits

Where's that bottle? Introducing Wine Collector 400, the smart scanner for wine enthusiasts.

Wine Collector 400 bundles the critically acclaimed IntelliScanner mini portable barcode reader and elegant wine database software, bundled together to create the ultimate wine management solution. Wine Collector is the smart scanner that easily organizes your wine collection with barcode technology: just scan the retail barcode on the label for automatic identification of the bottle with details like the name, varietal, winery, country, type, color, and region.

The wine organization revolution is portable. Take your IntelliScanner with you anywhere, scan wine bottles, then plug it in to download the details. Wine Collector's mature software system automatically calculates optimal maturity periods, prints detailed reports, tracks locations with built-in Virtual Cellar, links you to sites like eRobertParker.com and Wine Spectator for wine research, and lets you add your own custom ratings. When you've finished the bottle, just scan it again and take it off the list. And Wine Collector's built-in Wine Store, powered by Wine.com®, lets you browse, discover, and order to your door.

Explore your wine collection with Web 2.0 Publishing and an included iPhone web app. Included sharing tools make it easy to put your web collection online at your own personal home page to share with friends, or just to browse your own collection wherever you happen to be -- all you need is a web browser. You can even browse through your wine on-the-go with the included iPhone web application.

Import that old spreadsheet and never miss a peak year again -- IntelliScanner Wine Collector is ready to help you get your collection organized, automatically. [tell me more]

IntelliScanner Wine Collector 400
The smart wine scanner for PC + Mac.