IntelliScanner Pro – add barcodes to your small business for only $199.

IntelliScanner Pro 250 is the easy-to-use inventory management solution that organizes your small business. Just plug IntelliScanner Pro into any USB port and scan the barcode to organize inventory and more. The smart scanner includes business management software for organizing assets and integrating with third-party applications like FileMaker, Excel, and QuickBooks. Everything you need to start organizing your business is in the box – all for only $199.

Manage your business with barcodes

IntelliScanner Pro gives you instant access to your assets. Simply scan the barcode to build databases, track quantities, and create reports. The included inventory and business software makes it easy to organize your assets, customize your IntelliScanner, or add barcodes to business applications you’re already using. IntelliScanner Pro is the simple, affordable solution for organizing your business.

Adding barcodes to your business with IntelliScanner Pro is easy – available now for both Windows PCs and macOS. Learn more