Intuitive lending management, with everything you need in the box.

Introducing Daneizo – easy-to use lending management software that includes everything you need to track books, videos, or anything you want to lend. In just a few minutes, Daneizo can be configured to track items, members, and transactional relationships between the two. With IntelliScanner technology, each record is associated with a pre-printed barcode, making the process of checking items in and out easy – for example, to check out a series of items, the operator needs only to scan the member's card, then scan the asset tag on each article.

Everything you need, with legendary IntelliScanner ease of use.

Daneizo gives you everything you need for lending and reporting in one box – all from one company. An established leader in business technologies for both macOS and Windows, IntelliScanner builds everything from the software to the included IntelliScanner barcode reader and asset tags. The award-winning IntelliScanner brand stands for superior, easy-to-use solutions for business, home, and education.

Whether you're looking to set up a new library software system or you're upgrading from another product, we're confident you'll find Daneizo's barcode lending features, reliability, and design an unmatched combination, at a price that won't break your budget.

Daneizo Lending Management System features

Definitive Member Management: Store detailed member information, notes, and more in a streamlined editor.

Item Tracking with AutoFill: Store books, media, electronics, or any customizable item type with Daneizo. For books, DVDs, and CDs, AutoFill functionality automatically inserts detailed product information and artwork when you scan the UPC or ISBN barcode with your IntelliScanner.

Daneizo Navigator: Access all lists (items, members, locations, and item types), lending activities, and database settings from one window.

Streamlined Checkout Procedure: Checking out items is easy – simply select the member, scan the barcodes on the items you're checking out, then click Complete Transaction to finish. Daneizo's integrated auditory indicators prompt the completion of check-out and check-in activities.

Integrated Reporting: Daneizo's integrated SQL database platform builds comprehensive database reports in an easy-to-use interface. Create custom modifications, print, Send to Excel, or e-mail any report to others.

Built-In Reports: View or print detailed information about items, members, and transactions with Daneizo's integrated reporting system, and SQL database engine.

Custom Report Creation: Build your own reports with Report Builder, using items, members, or transactions as a starting point. Scan a member or item to add detailed criteria.

Overdue Reminders: Send personalized overdue reminders via e-mail with just two clicks. When the items are returned, members are automatically removed from the overdue section.

Track items with Custom Asset Tags: Identify items in your lending system or to track items without barcodes with Custom Asset Tags from IntelliScanner (sample pack included). Each custom tag is printed with your library or school name and a unique, serialized barcode number – avoiding any duplicate numbers. Custom tags are shipped directly from our factory so there’s no need for printing and they permanently stick to any item for easy tracking. Apply custom tags to books, electronics, media, and more for instant identification in the event of loss or theft.