Welcome to IntelliScanner Scanabout

Thanks so much for purchasing a new IntelliScanner Scanabout, our newest scanner! Your scanner can be set up and paired with your computer with the included manual. To download the software, click the Download link below.

First, one important setup note: when you launch the IntelliScanner Dashboard program for the first time, you'll be presented with the IntelliScanner Setup Assistant and you'll be asked to click a picture of your scanner, which isn't actually pictured in the current version. Click the last picture on the right, as seen below and you'll be able to continue. Since your scanner doesn't require any setup beyond the pairing process in the included booklet, you'll be all good to go after selecting this model.

Once you select the scanner on the right, you'll prompted to connect your scanner via USB. You don't need to -- just click Continue, then click Close on the last screen to finish the assistant. You're all set!

(The very next IntelliScanner software update, coming shortly, will resolve this workflow issue.)

Thanks for reading. Click here to download the IntelliScanner Software Package.