Smart Sharing with the IntelliScanner mini

We've included a few extra features for publishing, sharing, and viewing your collections anywhere. IntelliScanner mini includes innovative tools for creating your own website, printing a grocery list, exporting data, and even viewing your collection on an iPhone.

Share your collection online instantly

Share all your collections instantly -- just click Publish.

IntelliScanner mini makes it easy to view your collections with, our easy-to-use web 2.0 service for publishing your collections online. Just click Publish to send your media, wine, home assets, or comic collections to your own personalized web site address. Share your site with friends, post to a blog or keep it in your web browser bookmarks for quick reference. Best of all, an publishing account is included free of charge -- no sign-up charges or monthly fees! [sample]

IntelliScanner mini's publishing tools deliver next-generation, one-step web publishing of your home assets and valuables, utilizing smart AJAX web site rendering that lets you expand, collapse and, explore all your home collections without time consuming page refreshes. Publishing your collections online has never been easier with just a few simple clicks.

View your collections anywhere with our included iPhone web application

Access all your collections with just a few, quick taps on your iPhone. IntelliScanner mini includes a free web app to instantly browse and search your collections anywhere. Simply publish your collection online and then view it on your iPhone -- no need to remember every item in your collection! Our iPhone web app makes it easy to retrieve a list of your favorite books, DVDs, comics, wine, and CDs in seconds.

IntelliScanner mini's included iPhone web application lets you view your collections anywhere. Just add the IntelliScanner icon to your iPhone's home screen to explore and search all of your collections instantly.
View your collections on your iPhone
Print reports, grocery lists and more with IntelliScanner mini

IntelliScanner looks good on paper -- print reports, menus, grocery lists, and more.

IntelliScanner mini's included home organization software makes it easy to print anything in your media, wine, assets, groceries or comic collections. Simply click the print button to create an insurance report of your home assets, a full color cover index of your DVDs, a wine menu, or grocery list -- just select your options.

Every IntelliScanner mini includes home organization software that can print reports, menus, smart lists, and any other items designed with your options. Just click the print icon in the included media, wine, kitchen, assets or comic software for your customized list.

Seamless export tools for managing your collections

Need to import your old wine spreadsheet or export a file of your favorite fiction novels? No problem! It's always easy to import and export from IntelliScanner mini's included home organization software. Each software application includes features for importing a tab-delimited text file or exporting an Excel spreadsheet of your collections and home assets.

Your data is never stuck in our software. Just send it to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, tab-delimited text file, or XML file in just a few clicks. Then format and print your collections exactly the way you want to see them. Or simply import your own text file and add to your existing collections.
Seamlessly export to Microsoft Excel
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