Buy IntelliScanner Classic
Organize your books, movies, and media -- just $99!

IntelliScanner Classic - $99.00
IntelliScanner Classic (Academic) - $79.00
Special price for teachers, students, and academic institutions only.
  • IntelliScanner corded USB barcode reader
  • Included media management software (version 3.0)

Scan right at the shelf with IntelliScanner mini -
just $50 more!

IntelliScanner mini, the next model up, organizes your media with a smart ultra-portable scanner you can unplug and take with you. The scanner stores barcodes then downloads to your PC or Mac, just like a digital camera. Same great software -- go portable for just $50 more.
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IntelliScanner Asset Tags
Our pre-printed asset tags organize your books, DVDs, CDs, and games that don’t have barcodes already. Each asset tag has a completely unique barcode to easily track your media. They’re ready to use -- just peel and stick!

     Sample pack of 10 tags - free

     100 asset tag starter pack - $24.00

     250 asset tag pack - $48.00


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