Features of IntelliScanner Comic Edition
Comic Edition is packed with creative features designed especially for people who love comics. Managing your comics has never been easier!
Organize automatically

Organize automatically.

Organize your comics with IntelliScanner's award winning software
Comic Edition's intelligent software and award-winning barcode reader help organize your comics automatically with an Internet-enabled database and AutoFill technology. Simply search for your comics and watch as the database automatically downloads the details -- in just a few seconds. Our extensive database of over 250,000 comics makes it easy to find your comics instantly. Best of all, access to our database is free -- no extra fees!

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We built Comic Edition to be intuitive and easy to use. Simply click the Add Series button to search for your comics and the database will automatically download detailed information, including the title, date, writer, penciller, inker, editor, and a picture of the comic book cover -- no typing necessary. Access to our database is free, with no subscriptions or renewals required. Comics even lets you access public comic databases like the Grand Comic Book Database for the latest comic information.
Fill in the details
Instant searches across multiple fields.
Comic Tags

Track your collection with Comic Tags.

Bag board and barcode
Comic Edition creates Comic Tags, our innovative comic tagging system designed by IntelliScanner. It's easy to associate a unique barcode with any issue in your collection. Just print a Comic Tag, fold it in half and slip it in back of the bag. All you need is an inkjet or laser printer and plain white paper.

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Adding a barcode to your comics with our included Comic Tag feature makes it easy to track, manage, and search your comics instantly. Just place your comic book in a bag, add a board and print the barcode on any inkjet or laser printer. Slip the comic tag into the back of the bag and scan the barcode to pull up your comic records, add notes or complete an inventory to make sure nothing's missing. Use the IntelliScanner barcode reader and comic tag to quickly search and edit fields, browse records or build a batch of your favorite comics.
Comic Edition Lunchbox

Metal lunchbox packaging with built-in handle

Comic Edition Lunchbox
Comic Edition makes comic and media organization easy, and comes in our custom metal lunchbox featuring the Scantastic Four characters from IntelliScanner! It's the perfect place to keep your scanner and materials, everywhere you go.

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Bonus features.

Comic Edition includes loads of extras for free -- no extra fees for software, subscriptions or renewals. Access your collections online, view your comics on an iPhone, organize your media, keep track of your favorite web comics and display your entire comic collection on your computer screen-- it's all included!

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