IntelliScanner Comic Edition Extras

Who doesn't like extras?

We've designed Comic Edition with lots of “extras” for organizing, searching, and viewing your collections. Manage your media, share your comic collection online, view your comics and media from an iPhone, read your favorite web comics, or display your very own comic screen saver -- it's all included and it's all free with IntelliScanner Comic Edition.
Cutting edge media software from IntelliScanner

Organize your books, music, movies, and games automatically.

Comic Edition includes free media software for organizing, tracking, and searching your media instantly. Use your IntelliScanner barcode reader to scan the barcode on any media item and the software will automatically download the details. Now you're ready to browse, search, and even share your media collection with ease. It's that simple!

IntelliScanner's media software makes managing your collection effortless. By scanning the barcode, the media software will automatically download details like the book title, movie review and even a picture of the item cover into a database -- just like iTunes. Organize your media by title, lend items, and set due dates, print detailed reports and comparison shop for your favorite items. Media uses an Internet-enabled database and AutoFill technology to download the information you need -- no typing necessary! [Learn More]

View your comics anywhere with our included iPhone web application.

Once you've published your collection online, view it on your iPhone with our free web application to instantly browse and search your comics anywhere -- no need to remember every comic in your collection!

Comic Edition's included iPhone web application lets you view your comic and media collections anywhere. Just add the IntelliScanner icon to your iPhone's home screen to explore and search all of your collections instantly.
Track your comics on your iPhone with the IntelliScanner iPhone app
Track your comic collection online at

Web 2.0 publishing lets you publish, share, and access your collections online!

Comic Edition makes it easy to view your collections with, a free service for IntelliScanner owners. Just click Publish to send your comic or media collection to your own web site address that you can share with friends, post to a blog or keep it in your bookmarks for a quick reference with any web browser. Best of all, an publishing account is included free of charge -- no sign-up charges, no monthly fees! delivers next-generation, one-step web publishing of your comic and media collections, utilizing smart AJAX web site rendering that lets you expand, collapse, and explore your comic and media collections without time consuming page refreshes. Publishing your collections online has never been easier with just a few simple clicks.

Keep track of your favorite web comics, too.

Comic Edition is your portal for all the comics you enjoy, including web-based daily comics. Just answer a few questions about your favorites and Comic Edition will automatically keep you updated -- just like a desktop news reader.

With Comic Edition, your favorite web comics are automatically delivered to your computer. Simply select Add Comic from the Web Comics menu and fill in the details. The software will automatically download your selected web comics and update them daily.
Track your favorite web comics with IntelliScanner software
IntelliScanner Comic Edition ComicSaver

View your comic covers on your screen.

ComicSaver turns your comic collection into a screen saver. Very cool.

Comic Edition's included ComicSaver feature lets you view your entire comic collection as a screen saver. Watch as comic covers from your collection appear on your screen -- automatically!
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