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IntelliScanner delivers unique automatic organization devices for home and business. Our award-winning IntelliScanner barcode readers organize everything with barcode technology.

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High Resolution Product Photography

Permission is granted to use the following images for editorial use in connection with material related to IntelliScanner products. Photography courtesy IntelliScanner Corporation.

IntelliScanner SOHO Black -- the 'tiny marvel' for small business

- IntelliScanner SOHO Black (web, print)
- IntelliScanner SOHO Black in hand (web, print)
- Scanning a product (web, print)
- Side by side with keyfob (web, print)
- Scanner with iPhone 4 (web, print), key (web, print)
- Scanner with quarter (web, print), asset tags (web, print)
- Included inventory software for PC + Mac (image)
- Included media software for PC + Mac (image)

Wine Collector 400 - smart wine organization; Wine Store powered by Wine.comĀ®

- Scanner and wine crate (web resolution, print resolution)
- Scanning a bottle (web resolution, print resolution)
- IntelliScanner Pre-Printed Asset Tags (web, print)
- Included IntelliScanner wine software
    - Main application window (JPEG)
    - Editing a bottle's details (JPEG)
    - Cellar viewer (JPEG)
    - Wine Store, powered by (PNG)
- iPhone Web Application
    - Web: main menu, wine list
    - Print: main menu, wine list

IntelliScanner mini 250 - organize everything at home

IntelliScanner mini (web, print)
IntelliScanner mini connects via USB (web, print)
IntelliScanner mini with media (web, print)
IntelliScanner mini with movies (web, print)
IntelliScanner mini with MacBook (web, print)
IntelliScanner mini with laptop (web, print)
IntelliScanner mini and Custom Asset Tags (web, print)
IntelliScanner's iPhone web app (web, print)

IntelliScanner Comic Edition 200

- Comic Edition and scanner (web resolution, print resolution)
- Box contents (web resolution, print resolution)
- Box contents (boxed) (web resolution, print resolution)
- Lunchbox facing left (web resolution, print resolution)
- Lunchbox facing right (web resolution, print resolution)

IntelliScanner Classic -- organize books, movies, and media-- just $99!

- Scanning a DVD (web resolution, print resolution)
- Media Collector 300 scanner (web resolution, print resolution)
- Browsing media on iPhone - (web resolution, print resolution)

IntelliScanner Custom Asset Tags

- IntelliScanner Asset Tags - roll (web resolution, print resolution)
- Asset Tag Packets (web resolution, print resolution)
- Close up (web resolution, print resolution)
- with IntelliScanner mini (web resolution, print resolution)
- with IntelliScanner SOHO (web resolution, print resolution)

IntelliScanner Pro 200

- Facing right (web resolution, print resolution)
- Facing left (web resolution, print resolution)
- IntelliScanner Pro 200, with IntelliScanner Asset Tags (web, print)

Web 2.0 Publishing with

Wine Collector and deliver next-generation, one-step web publishing of your collections, utilizing Web 2.0 design techniques that lets you explore and share your media, wine, comics, and more. Hosted by IntelliScanner Corporation, free with every IntelliScanner.

- screenshot (JPEG, TIFF)
- Example published site:

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